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CRCE & Audit Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding acceptable CRCE's for mandatory continuing education requirements, or SED audits contact:

Gary Anello, RN, MSN, CDE

Phone: (518) 474-3817 Ext. 120



Information about surcharge on registration fees

The Governor approved legislation on August 26, 2009 that authorized an increase of 15% in the professional licensing registration fees effective September 25, 2009. This new law applies to all professions licensed under Title VIII of the Education Law except Physician, Physician Assistant, and Specialist Assistant, whose fees are transmitted to the Department of Health. The enactment of this legislation is a first step toward restoring the ability of the Office of the Professions to ensure the health, safety and welfare of New Yorkers.

The board has provided information on their web site ( and the following questions and answers will provide you with more information about the surcharge.


How to apply for a New York State Respiratory Therapist or Technician License

There are 2 different licenses for Respiratory Care Practitioners: Therapist and Technician.

Contact the NYSED Office of Professions and request a "PINK" Handbook. The "PINK" Handbook includes the license applications as well as the actual practice act and all laws related and referenced to the practice act, as well as the composite of the Respiratory Therapy Board. It also defines professional misconduct and educational requirements for each license.

To request the handbook, contact:

New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions Professional Licensing Services, Respiratory Therapy Unit
Cultural Education Center
Albany, NY 12230


Tel: (518) 486-2554 (Respiratory Therapy Board for answers to specific questions) or(518) 474-3817 (automated messages)


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